Earth's antimicrobial


The leading silver ion technology

For obtaining hygiene, protection and freshness - in everyday life and under extreme conditions with EPA-registered active ingredient / complies with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100* + bluesign®-approved*

*depending on the SILVERPLUS® product used

SILVERPLUS® transfers the element silver into a silver compound which has been applied to microstructured substrates by means of highly innovative coating procedures. One gram of microstructured SILVERPLUS® active ingredient has a superficial area of ca. 600,000 cm².

Due to this highly innovative procedure a virtually infinite deposit is created from which highly effective positive silver ions are set free in small (some ppm) exactly dosed quantities whenever needed, i.e. in the presence of moisture.

Due to the triple effect mechanism of SILVERPLUS® many odour-causing bacteria cannot adapt to the effect of silver ions. The antimicrobial effect of the natural element silver is exclusively based on free silver ions. Due to a triple effect mechanism silver ions with a positive charge have bacteriostatic effects.

The advantage of the SILVERPLUS®-technology is that due to their relatively low solubility, silver ions are set free economically from a chemical equilibrium. Thus the important antimicrobial active ingredient is used very effectively, and resources are safeguarded.

Hygiene, protection and freshness

Who is not familiar with it: After only a short period of use T-shirts made of synthetic fibres develop odours. One feels uncomfortable and no longer ready for the rest of the day. This unpleasant, but unfortunately common problem is well known, especially with regard to the use of sneakers, towels, shirts or workwear.

The reasons:

Microorganisms, such as odour-causing bacteria, require certain pre-conditions, such as food, temperature, surfaces that are as large as possible and, above all, moisture. This is why textiles worn next to the skin are especially ideal biospheres for microorganisms.


SILVERPLUS® is the most intelligent and innovative manner for your textiles to economically and ecologically enter new fresh dimensions. SILVERPLUS® is not only economical, but has indirect ecological effects during washing/textile care, wearing/using, drying and storing textiles.


A brand you may have confidence in

SILVERPLUS® is the family brand for functional freshness with silver product by the RUDOLF GROUP. The brand comprises industrial initial finsihes with highly concentrated products as well as professional care products including product formulations for home use.SILVERPLUS®, the headliner of the brands ®RUCO-BAC AGP, ®RUCO-BAC AGL, ®RUCO-BAC EPA and ®RUCO-BAC EPA CONC is used in many textile articles.

In cooperation with leading manufacturers of sports articles, socks, bed linen, shirts and underwear, SILVERPLUS® has been successfully introduced in the market. After completing a licence agreement, the SILVERPLUS® brand will be available free of charge to our industry partners.

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