Automotive Textile Chemicals



Solutions that meet special requirements of automotive interiors.

Unlike any other commodity, the automobile also moves us in an emotional meaning of the word. The basic elements of an automobile have not changed for more than 100 years, but, apart from the design, the technical innovations inspire us again and again. For the marketing they establish the basis for permanently reinventing the automobile in the awareness of the consumer and for positioning the corresponding brand.

Textile materials are an essential component of the automobile. They do not only serve for a nicer design of the interior, but more and more as carriers of additional functions. Being aware of the high requirements of the automotive sector, the RUDOLF GROUP develops automotive-specific solutions along the textile processing chain ranging from pre-treatment todyeing, finishing and coating.

We offer finishes that will increasee value and fuction of the textiles used in the automotive sector and especially for:

  • Safety
  • Better processability
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Permanent /unblemished appearance
  • Easy care
  • Hygiene and health
  • Comfort

Four steps to the goal



The suppliers of automotive textiles are subject to strict requirement profiles with regard to colour shade, fastness level, fogging behaviour, flame retardancy etc. This must be taken into consideration with regard to process control and especially with regard to product selection. In order to meet the specifications of the automotive industry, the PES textiles which are commonly used are thoroughly pre-washed, dyed and afterwards reductive-cleared.


The following products of the RUDOLF GROUP have proven to be successful in the automobile sector:

  • Pre-washing: ®RUCOGEN FWK, ®VEROLAN NEW


  • Reductive Clearing: ®RUCORIT RAL, ®RUCORIT SUG

We will be happy to assist you in working out a combination recipe.


Sound pre-treatment is the basis of optimally dyed goods. The use of ®RUCOGEN FWK and ®VEROLAN NEW in a slightly alkaline pH range guarantees thorough preparation removal and the disposal of other contaminations (oils or fats). This product combination reached excellent cleaning effects on the most different articles in numerous practical applications.

When dyeing automotive textiles, a levelled fabric quality in the desired colour is paramount. Furthermore, criteria such as ecology, reduction of process time, energy and water saving play an increasingly important role. The RUDOLF GROUP has taken this opportunity to develop special products for dyeing which meet these requirements.

  • As an effective running crease inhibitor ®RUCOLIN RUN is extremely suitable for the use on high-end automotive goods.

  • The phthalate-free PES leveller ®RUCOGAL ERQ satisfies ecological and physiological demands to a large extent and leads to outstanding levelling results.

  • As a buffer ®RUCO-ACID ABS 200 provides stable pH conditions in the disperse dyeing process and thus ensures excellent dyeing results.

Reliable reductive clearing is crucial for a high fastness level, which is compulsory in the automotive sector, especially with medium or dark colour shades. The efficient removal of superficially adhering, unfixed dyestuff is a prerequisite.

The RUDOLF GROUP offers processes that can be run in acid or alkaline pH.


Reduction clearing with ®RUCORIT RAL can be carried out directly in the cooling dyebath or in a fresh bath. ®RUCORIT RAL is effective in acid pH conditions (as well as in alkaline range). This liquid reducing agent is low-foaming, bluesign® APPROVED and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100-compliant.


®RUCORIT SUG is a highly concentrated reducing agent on the basis of renewable raw materials for the reductive afterclearing of disperse dyes and prints. It is low-foaming, bluesign® APPROVED and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100-. The absence of nitrogen and sulphur is a big ecological advantage of this product.

For the automobile as a consumer durable and prestigious object, maintaining the aesthetics of the interior is a main objective besides safety. This is readily achieved by means of functional finishing. The knowledge of the reciprocal influence of the products applied is a prerequisite for being successful, above all if multiple effects are required.

The RUDOLF GROUP offers product combinations for finishing and coating which have been tested and approved with regard to the requested foggingbehaviour, influence on flame retardancy, lightfastness on exposure to a high black-panel temperature, etc.

Our extensive technical application service and high competence regarding requirements and possible ways of implementation help our customers in the automotive supplier sector to develop individual customer-orientated articles.

Highlights in coating and finishing are for example:

  • Ecological Repellency
    Value-preserving repellent finishes to protect against water-based dirt, which are obtained by modern repellent agents based on fluorine-free formulations, combine material protection and sustainability.
    ®RUCO-DRY ECO PLUS - This highly effective water-repellent agent for finishing fabrics of all fibre types, which is based on fluorine-free compounds, is a high performance product with numerous positive secondary effects. It confers excellent durability to washing when combined with crosslinking boosters, such as ®RUCO-LINK RCX, ®RUCO-LINK CHX or ®RUCO-LINK BEW.

  • Flame retardancy
    Flame retardancy as a core function in the automotive area is ensured by strong, halogen- and antimony-free flame retardants. The correct product and process selection provides safe FR effects and good secondary properties such as favourable fogging behaviour and minimum influence on fastness.
    ®RUCO-COAT FRP CONC - Ready-to-use, free of antimony trioxide and halogen; soft coating compound for obtaining flame-retardant properties; amongst other things, used for all types of upholstery fabric or technical textiles (automotive, sun protection, etc.) made of synthetic fibres or their blends with natural fibres.

  • Biocidal Protection
    Protection from bacterial decomposition, avoids the development of durable and undesired odours in automotive interiors, for example caused by spilled milk.
    ®RUCO-BAC AGP - This non-migrating product achieves a highly efficient and durable anti-microbial protective finish for all fibre types; the use of a binder is not necessary. Thus, the fabric handle is not affected. It is extremely suitable for passive odour prevention in automotive interiors.

  • Abrasion Resistance
    Enhancing the abrasion resistance of seat covers or seat belts by a finish with soft polymers that do not affect the handle.
    ®RUCO-PUR SLR - This self-crosslinking polyurethane - amongst other things, for finishing technical textiles- is suitable for all fibre types and fibre blends. The reduction of the tendency to pill and the improvement of the velcro resistance, creation of special handle effects and looks make it especially suitable for automotive textiles. Moreover, the technological properties of textiles finished with RUCO-PUR SLR are improved.


  • Product innovations for tomorrow’s automobiles

  • Tailor-made recipes due to individual adjustment

  • Quick execution of automotive textile test methods

  • Practical implementation of current trends in the automotive industry



We will be happy to assist you in working out a combination recipe.