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As a leading service provider for the textile industry, we have been supporting our customers for almost 100 years with research that nurtures responsible and innovative chemistry for personal protective equipment (PPE) and workwear.

Due to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many textile manufacturers today are facing a new challenge and that is the production of PPE for "everyday heroes", the vanguard of civil services: Nurses, doctors, paramedics, firefighters, police officers, cashiers and many more!

This is a tremendously important task that must be solved quickly and competently. The Rudolf GROUP is here to share our many years of expertise and experience in textile chemistry to protect the health of our "everyday heroes".

- The management of RUDOLF GROUP

Everyday Heroes

Ordinary people, extraordinary actions.

Catch up on face masks with RUDOLF GROUP

The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 poses a great challenge to our society and to us as RUDOLF GROUP. Each one of us can contribute to support our society in this crisis.

We as RUDOLF GROUP have made it our task to update and to set an example against the misleading and sometimes unfounded promises that are out there in the markets. In this extraordinary emergency situation, by claiming mechanisms of action that have not been medically proven, misleading and thus deliberately endangering frightened consumers often take place.

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The fast-acting, all-in-one, highly durable antibacterial and antiviral solution for textiles.

As a consequence of COVID-19 global pandemic the demand for chemical auxiliaries with antimicrobial effect has boomed. RUDOLF GROUP invested important resources in the meticulous assessment of a new antiviral feature which is now added to one of their leading technologies.

Such an effort returned the surprisingly fast and most comprehensive antibacterial and antiviral textile finishing on the market: RUCO®-BAC AGP.

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RUDOLF GROUP offers strong solutions for everyday heroes! We are happy to assist you in implementing our products on your articles.

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