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The luxury to sleep well


Mattresses are a major prerequisite for rest and regeneration. The sleeping quality strongly depends on them, which is why we can observe continuous efforts for further developing both mattress cores and covers. With an average life-span of 10 to 15 years, mattresses are consumer durables. Therefore, maintaining the functional and aesthetic properties of the whole mattress, which generally consists of mattress core and cover, is an essential consumer requirement.

The cover of mattresses is made from either wovens or knitwear. Whilst, in the past, the classic mattress ticking for covers – strong jacquard fabrics or fabrics woven with shafts – was used, today it is increasingly covers made from knitwear that prevail, which are partly removable and washable. The most frequent substrates used are

  • CO
  • PES
  • PES/CO
  • PES/CV
  • PES/PP.

RUDOLF GROUP offers high-performance flame retardancy, long-lasting hygienic effects, perfect moisture management, anti-pilling and anti-slip finishes as well as binder systems for functionalising mattress covers, and much more.

The pillars of high-quality mattress cover finishing

Finishes and coatings for mattress covers by RUDOLF GROUP cover the entire spectrum of requirements - safety, health maintenance, well-being and aesthetics.



  • Effective flame-retardant finish for a quiet sleep
  • Wash-resistant flame retardancy for washable covers
  • Flame-retardant finishes for non-removable covers, not resistant to washing



  • Contribution to health protection through highly durable anti-bacterial properties
  • Effective finish against mites
  • Durable hygiene and freshness



  • Highly comfortable thermal and moisture management
  • Hydrophilic/hydrophobic hybrid effects (double face)
  • Super soft, supple handle effects



  • Long-lasting aesthetic look through anti-pilling finish
  • Effective anti-slip finish for mattress ticking
  • Heat-setting functional substrates or fragrances

We will be happy to assist you in working out a combination recipe.


If possible, mattresses should look aesthetical throughout their expected life. Pilling on mattress covers made from knitwear or damage to the anti-slip properties of the seams of mattress ticking impair the look. Anti-pill/anti-snag as well as anti-slip finishes or coatings by RUDOLF GROUP effectively prevent these optical impairments.

The following examples of anti-pilling / anti-snagging and anti-slip finishes are tried and tested product solutions, which are standing here as representatives for many other options of finishing and coating.

Anti-pill/anti-snag finishing with ®RUCO-PUR SLR of mattress covers made from all fibre types

  • Reduced tendency to pill and snag
  • Creating special handle and optical effects
  • Technological properties of textiles finished with ®RUCO-PUR SLR are improved
  • No impairment of the hydrophilic properties of the finished fabrics
  • Effects are resistant to washing and dry cleaning

Anti-slip finish with ®FERAN SSG 200/300 of mattress covers made from all fibre types

  • Excellent anti-slip effects
  • Softer handle effects than with common silicic acid dispersions
  • Slight delustring of fabric appearance

If mattresses are the source of relaxation and rest on the one hand, they can also be the breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and mites. Bacteria trigger unpleasant odours, and the excretions of mites as an allergen may severely impair the recreative bed rest. Antibacterial hygiene and fresh finishes contribute significantly to long-lasting freshness and help avoid manifold problems that are caused by bacteria. Hygiene and fresh finishes increase the articles‘ quality and are an additional sales argument.

Hygiene and freshness for all mattress cover materials - durable antibacterial effects with ®RUCO-BAC AGP

  • Protection from odour-causing bacterias
  • Highly wash-resistant hygienic finish for all fibre types
  • Especially for textiles worn next to the skin
  • Bacteriostatic and slightly fungistatic properties
  • Non-migrating, anti-microbial effect
  • High resistance to washing and dry cleaning; on polypropylene resistant-to-washing and dry cleaning anti-bacterial effects are limited
  • ®RUCO-BAC AGP does not impair hydrophilic/hydrophilising finishing effects

The finish with ®RUCO-BAC AGP based on the proven SILVERPLUS® technology is a highly effective and easy-to-use process for aqueous antibacterial finishing.

If the main focus is on anti-mite effects, our product range also offers perfect solutions such as ®RUCO-BAC ZPY.

Optimising the burning behaviour of mattresses is the paramount contribution to the safety of these articles. For mattress cores modified flame-retardant foam material is used. The multitude of materials used for mattress covers requires individually elaborated flame-retardant finishes whose effects are being tested according to international test standards such as DIN EN 597 or BS 6807. Depending on whether the mattress covers are washable and removable or non-removable, the wash-resistant requirements are different.

For this purpose, RUDOLF's application service laboratories offer you the optimum formulation for water-based finishing or coating, tailored to your article. We use halogen-free and antimony trioxide-free flame retardants with different degrees of durability.

Well-being plays a major role not only in the case of textiles worn close to the body, but also in mattress cover fabrics. Functional equipment that contributes to the feel-good factor includes two aspects: The management of moisture and thermoregulation.

The RUDOLF GROUP offers effective moisture-management products for rendering mattress covers permanently hydrophilic. Depending on the textile substrate used, we recommend:

Durable hydrophilising finish of 100% PES mattress covers with ®FERAN ICS

  • Highly wash-resistant hydrophilising finishing and soil release product
  • Confers a supple, soft and cool handle to the substrate (micro-touch effect)

Durable hydrophilising finish with ®RUCO-PUR SLY or ®RUCO-PUR SPH of mattress covers made from CEL, SYN, PES/CO, PES/CV, PES/PP

  • Hydrophilic speciality softeners for all fibre types
  • Hydrophilising products (dual moisture-management technology) with soft handle effect, resistant to mild washing
  • Create a PU-specific handle with high “inner softness“
  • Impart hydrophilic effects to wovens, knitwear or non-wovens, resistant to mild washing
  • Confer good anti-static properties to substrates
  • Avoid post-fibrillation of CLY fibres (Lyocell, e. g. Tencel)
  • ®RUCO-PUR SLY is a weakly cationic hydrophilising agent with a focus on the PU-typical soft handle.
  • ®RUCO-PUR SPH is a non-ionic concentrate with emphasis on hydrophilisation of synthetics, especially PA

The innovative technology of RUCO-THERM PCM 28, which offers lasting comfort while at the same time guaranteeing a comfortable touch of mattress cover fabrics made from different textile substrates, achieves thermoregulatory effects that can be proven by DSC measurements:

RUCO-THERM PCM 28 - Thermal balance with microencapsulated Phase Change Material

  • Improves the thermophysiological properties of textiles
  • Especially suitable for bulky knitted fabrics, such as mattress and bedding textiles
  • Wash-resistant effects

In addition to these finishing examples, RUDOLF GROUP can give you many more ideas for increasing the added value of mattress coverings.


  • RUDOLF GROUP offers you competent assistance in the development of recipes for the pre-treatment, finishing and coating of mattress ticking.

  • Further support is provided by an extensive range of application tests that demonstrate the functionality of the desired effects. These include, for example, numerous common test methods for the flammability behaviour of mattress cover materials and other bed articles, tests developed in-house for adsorption/repellency behaviour or the determination of thermoregulatory effects.

  • Suggestions related to marketing and marketing tools such as hang tags and labels round off our range of services around the topic of mattress cover fabrics


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We will be happy to assist you in working out a combination recipe.