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With strong solutions for the construction chemicals industry RUDOLF GROUP offers comprehensive protection for the home. Due to the current situation our values are redefined and we pay more attention to external solutions in order to enjoy a more carefree environment of living.

Benefits provided by RUDOLF’s technologies

  • Biocide for interior coatings
    Reduces the growth of bacterial pathogens through the use of silver ions technology; protection of surface coatings from bacteriocidal and  slightly fungicidal growth

  • Surface protection
    Oil and water repellence - Absorbed water can cause severe damages and is a transportation vehicle for pollutants, particularly salts and microorganisms

  • Formaldehyde scavanger
    Reduces the formaldehyde content significantly in aqueous formulations and in the surrounding air

  • Biocide free
    Adjust the pH-value of aqueous coatings like interior paints; resistant against microorganismn

Examples of articles

RUDOLF GROUP's product solutions can be used in the following articles

  • Interior paints and coatings

  • Flakeboards / Fibre Cement Boards

  • Insulating material

  • Facade

  • Buildings

  • Roof tiles

Technology & Product Brands

Strong solutions for construction applications

Anti-microbial preservative based on silver ions technology

Additives for paste-like masonry coatings

Water repellent silicone impregnating agents

Oil and water repellent fluorocarbon impregnating agents