Triple power for PET recycling processes

PET recycling - a necessary process

PET means polyethylene terephthalate. It is part of the polyester family and the most common thermoplastic polymer. Beside its numerous uses, the transparent, light plastic, especially as classic PET bottle, turned part and parcel of our daily life.

However, the production of PET based on petrochemicals is problematic. The production of 1 kg PET requires approx. 1.9 kg crude oil. However given the fact of rising piles of rubbish, recycling has been established worldwide as an ecological and energy-saving production form.

RUDOLF GROUP devoted itself to steadily improve the PET recycling process with innovative, ecological products.

The recycling cycle

All these process steps are perfected by products of RUDOLF GROUP


Presorting of plastic according to colours and the removal of impurities (e.g. metal springs etc.) is realised


The material is shredded to flakes, coarse dirt is removed during usually cold prewashing and then, completely cleaned in a hot and intensive washing cycle.


By means of sink-float separation, the clean material is separated from caps and labels made of polyolefines (polyethylene or polypropylene) due to differences in density.

Intensive washing

RUCOGEN® RPD is a universally applicable, low-foaming detergent, which is excellently suitable for cleaning PET flakes.

  • excellent cleaning effect due to excellent dispersing and soil suspending properties
  • high washing and dissolving effect for impurities such as glue, labels, foils and paper
  • suitable for washing machines with high liquor turbulence
  • resistant to water hardness
  • high resistance to alkali
  • nearly foam-free
  • odourless and no unpleasant smell when used in open machines
  • improves the efficiency of alkaline cleaning solutions during PET recycling
  • no physical impairment
  • suitable for caustic recovery
  • clear, colourless liquid
  • easily soluble in cold or warm water up to 30°C

Foam reduction

RUSTOL® RPA is a modified silicone defoamer, especially developed for plastic recycling processes and especially suitable for machines with high liquor turbulence.

  • prevents the creation of stable foam at the surface and is capable to destroy already existing foam.
  • applicable in a pH range of 2 -12
  • excellent defoaming with lowest application quantity
  • effective in a wide temperature range
  • white emulsion
  • well soluble in cold water

Optimum sink-float separation

RUCO®-FLOC RPF is an additive and defoamer for sink-float separation within plastic recycling processes.

  • optimises the sink-float separation of PET and polyolefines
  • supports the separation of materials with differences in density
  • foam-suppressing effect
  • reduces surface tension
  • removes air bubbles adhering to PET flakes
  • easy to dose
  • effective in a wide temperature range
  • may be applied in acid and alkaline pH range
  • white dispersion
  • dilutable with water in any ratio


RUDOLF GROUP offers strong solutions for the pet recycling industry! We are happy to assist you in implementing the process on your machines.