Fresh Finishing


Non-biocidal freshness technology

A new dimension of odour control for textiles.

We know the causes of unpleasant body odours in textiles: it is bacteria getting into the textile via perspiration and degrading into bad smelling components. However, our solution developed in order to combat such unpleasant body odours is new: RUCO®-FRESH FNB - the non-biocidal freshness technology for an efficient, long lasting protection against unpleasant body odours. 

This is possible due to the RUCO®-FRESH FNB functional film consisting of functional silane polymers. They bind volatile body odour components on the textile by absorption.

Especially practical: The silane polymer film’s absorption capacity is maintained even after wearing the textile several times. Thus, body odours are actively and permanently prevented even without washing the textile in the meantime.

Proven effect

The modified test method ISO 17299-3 proves the odour reduction (ORR = Odour Reduction Rate in %) of the functionalised textile in comparison with a blank value (pure smell without textile).

Ecological use

Often, clean textiles have to be washed only because of bad odours. Due to RUCO®-FRESH FNB’s long lasting functional freshness, unnecessary washing cycles are reduced and there is less environmental pollution. The stress on the textile is reduced, which causes a longer life. Therefore, RUCO®-FRESH FNB is bluesign® approved and complies with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.


  • non-biocidal odour management
  • prevents odours caused by microbes
  • positive influence on handle
  • support of the already existing hydrophilic properties of the fabric
  • high compatibility with HYDROCOOL® moisture management technology
  • suitable for padding process, exhaust process with exhaustion aid and for WEKO liquid application system (WFA)


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