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08/2015 - 2015

Speed not only plays a decisive role in most sports,

but also with your textile. Wherever textiles with good hydrophilic properties and fast moisture transportation are demanded, ®FERAN ICE helps you cross the finishing line.

With its permanent hydrophilic properties, ®FERAN ICE supports the absorbency of the textile and ensures that capillary effects can develop. Additionally, ®FERAN ICE improves the soil-release properties of the textile (e.g. in home laundering). Optimised in this way, your sportswear will exhibit a permanently high functionality. Moreover, ®FERAN ICE confers a soft and supple handle as well as antistatic properties to the textile.

Using special knitwear constructions is only one example of how the wear comfort can be raised by combining good hydrophilic properties with the suitable textile construction. 

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