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13/2014 - 2014

Hydrophilic finishing agent for the use on polyamide articles

Finishes imparting function are the prerequisite for high-value textiles. This is especially true for sportswear made of synthetic fibres, such as polyamide, which supports athletes through function.

Physical well-being supports performance and, thus, contributes to maximum athletic performance. Synthetic sportswear worn next to the skin should, therefore, behave like a second skin. Perfect function, which is achieved by optimum moisture management, is a basic prerequisite.

Bonded with the polyamide fibre

®FERAN ICP is a high-performance concentrate for imparting hydrophilic properties to polyamide. Thus, it is the perfect moisture management technology for functionalising polyamide articles.
Due to an identical chemical basis, ®FERAN ICP, as a polyamide solution, bonds with the polyamide fibre during finishing and confers function by means of end groups imparting hydrophilic properties.

After its application by padding or by the exhaust method, ®FERAN ICP provides wash-resistant hydrodynamic effects.

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