Winner thanks to high performance hydrophilic properties for extreme conditions

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48/2011 - 2011

Function to be able to hang on

The desert and the runner

Extreme conditions in the desert require maximum performance from extreme athletes. They can only accomplish this without damaging their bodies, if a constant supply of liquid, ideally enriched with electrolytes, is ensured. The textile too has to be perfectly adjusted to these conditions:

  • Optimum moisture absorption and transportation with high evaporative power, to ensure high performance moisture management
  • As little moisture storage as possible, to keep the textiles‘ weight as low as possible
  • Safe hygiene and freshness management to avoid odour formation in textiles and thus unpleasant wear conditions
  • The lowest possible dead weight to avoid any extra weight for the athletes

Body and textile have to be perfectly prepared

Body and textile have to be able to react to extreme conditions and fast changes by optimum preparation. Nature, which is able to adjust to extreme changes of weather, serves as a perfect model. Thus, the desert can absorb tropical downpours within a short time, even after long dry periods, and, temporarily, transforms meagre landscapes in prospering ones.

Rapid changes are also required of human bodies and textiles.

  • The preparation of extreme athletes is intensive and targeted for providing maximum performance for a longer period and under extreme climatic conditions.
  • Function prepares textiles, which means imparting high performance hydrophilic properties, which ensures optimum, rapidly retrievable body moisture management.

With ®FERAN ICS the RUDOLF GROUP offers these high performance hydrophilic properties for functional synthetic textiles.

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