The liquid softener concentrate for rapid hydrophilic soft handle finishing

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38/2011 - 2011

Soft handle, based on renewable raw materials, economic

®PERRUSTOL TIC 500 benefits from renewable raw materials

In the next few years the availability of raw materials will become more and more important. Raw material sources will no longer be infinite. Therefore, in future, the role of renewable raw materials will be increasingly relevant.

®PERRUSTOL TIC 500, which confers a hydrophilic soft handle, is based on renewable vegetable raw materials and, thus, guarantees a long-time product availability.


®PERRUSTOL TIC 500 is universally applicable by the exhaust or pad process to knitwear or wovens made from natural or synthetic fibres.

  • Natural hydrophilic soft handle
  • Hydrophilicity and hydrophilic properties
  • Anti-static effects on synthetic substrates
  • Degree of whiteness
  • Easily dosable
  • Simple application

®PERRUSTOL TIC 500 and you will always be a bit faster and more flexible.

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