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47/2011 - 2011

Polyurethanes with DMM Technology by RUDOLF

®RUCO-PUR SLY or ®RUCO-PUR SPH programmes textile functions

To keep the body in the 37° C performance zone, hydrophilic fibre functioning in combination with an optimum construction of the textile worn next to the skin is imperative. ®RUCO-PUR SLY or ®RUCO-PUR SPH optimises the following textile functions:

  • Hydrophilic properties as the basic prerequisite for climate and/or moisture management
  • Softness to promote wear comfort
  • Antistatic properties preventing the textile from clinging to the skin
  • Hygiene with ®RUCO-BAC AGP Silver Protection as an optional finish

Functionalising with ®RUCO-PUR SLY or ®RUCO-PUR SPH in combination with an optimum textile construction generates an unprecedented performance profile.

Functional fields of application of ®RUCO-PUR SLY and ®RUCO-PUR SPH

®RUCO-PUR SLY and ®RUCO-PUR SPH are milestones in polyurethane research. Apart from regulating the moisture transport in textiles, these polyurethanes confer improved care and wear properties to knitted goods and wovens:


  • Weakly cationic

Hydrophilic soft handle finishing of cellulosic fabrics:

  • Underwear
  • Hosiery
  • Bed linen
  • Lining

Functional moisture management finishing of synthetic fabrics:

  • Polyamide hosiery
  • Polyamide foundation garments
  • Polyamide sports shirts
  • Polyester functional wear
  • Synthetic/cellulosic mattress ticking


  • Non-ionic
  • Highly concentrated version

Special moisture management finishing of polyamide fabrics:

  • Hosiery
  • Foundation garments
  • Sports shirts

RUCO-PUR SPH is especially suitable for finishing high-quality PA articles with a very deep shade, hence the bleeding of the dyestuff is maintained as low as possible during hand laundering.

Hydrophilic low-pilling soft handle finishing of Lyocell or modal:

  • Underwear
  • Sports shirts
  • Shirting fabric
  • Bed linen
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