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13/2016 - 2016

Bionic Dendrimer Technology

Hyperbranched, star-shaped polymers undergo synergetic reactions with fluoropolymers. This is the result of intensive R&D work based on the findings and experience in the field of bionics. RUDOLF GROUP synthesise these star-shaped branched polymers, that are capable of building crystalline structures to produce wash-resistant, highly abrasion-resistant and water-repellent effects.

They have self-organising abilities. The key for this effect are highly complex crystallisation processes that are triggered after application on textiles.With co-crystallisation of fluoropolymers and hyperbranched polymers, water-, oil- and soil-repellent effects on a very high level can be achieved. This synergy is a result of the efficiency increase of the overall system through interaction of two of its components.

Consequently, the required quantity of FC polymers can be significantly reduced by means of these hyperbranched polymers.

Moreover, textiles finished with ®RUCOSTAR C6 provide exceptionally soft feel in comparison with conventionally treated materials.

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