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28/2000 - 2000

All about trouble-free desizing

A well-known principle that applies more than ever today is:

  • An optimum fabric pretreatment starts with desizing!

A perfect fabric appearance and a trouble-free production process can only be ensured if the sizes present on the warps and the preparations used in the weaving process are completely removed.

Any possible residues may impair the wetting capacity, penetration power, levelness, fastness properties, etc.. Other consequences may be resist effects and a patchy appearance.

In order to be able to remove the individual size components, both the composition and the chemical and physical properties of the sizes have to be known.

Unfortunately, the frequently expressed wish for a "size passport" has remained unanswered by a majority of companies.

  • Types of sizes
  • Selection of scouring agents
  • Desizing conditions
  • Discontinuous and continuous scouring processes
  • Concluding observations
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