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09/2007 - 2007

Work wear, sportswear, classical clothes or technical textiles - polyester textiles become increasingly popular

More function for the number one amongst the fibres

Due to the continuously rising demand, polyester has become the number one amongst the fibres. It accounts for 1/4 of the world-wide fibre production.

Besides its advantages, such as dimensional stability, colour fastness and easy-care, which consumers appreciate, polyester has also slight weaknesses, as most things in life.

  • Limited removal of fat, oil and pigment soilings
  • Re-attraction of soil removed by washing, which leads to soil redeposition
  • Low moisture absorption or moisture transportation and, thus, reduced wear comfort
  • Static charge

Multi-functional finishes with ®FERAN ICA offset these disadvantages of polyester.


  • Better hydrophilic properties
  • Advanced soil-release effects
  • More bulk and higher elastic recovery
  • Improved handle
  • Excellent antistatic effects

Additional benefits:

  • Colour intensification in disperse prints on PES articles
  • No deterioration of fogging values when applied by the exhaust method
  • Friction reduction in synthetic yarn finishing

Upgrade your polyester textiles with ®FERAN ICA

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