Functional regenerated cellulosic fibres

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Properties, articles, finishing, care

Other than cotton or linen, regenerated cellulosic fibres are synthetically produced fibres based on cellulose or cotton linters (cupro). In Central Europe, cellulose is obtained from the renewable raw-material basis wood, mainly beech with the addition of spruce. Although all fibres manufactured are based on cellulose, they, due to the different manufacturing processes, not only have deviating fibre-technical data, but also differ in their behaviour when being finished or when the textile is used. In addition, types (staple fibres or filament) as well as the tendency to fibrillate are decisive for the field of application and finishing.

This brochure addresses both finisher and garment producer to ensure utmost transparency regarding fibre properties, how to optimise them in finishing and ideal article modification in making up.

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