The ultima ratio in dyestuff fixation aftertreatment for heavy duty laundry up to 95 °C

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50/2015 - 2015

Upgrade your wash fastness ...

Cationic aftertreatment agents on the basis of quarternary polyammonium composites have been on the market for decades. They replaced thepreviously available products on the basis of dicyandiamide for improvement of fastness of wetting of reactive dyes.

In order to obtain further significant effect improvemen tin the field of quarternary polyammonium composites,the development chemists at RUDOLF GROUP initially had to scour through a range of fundamental research work to contemplate the correlation between polymerdesign and effect level.

The result of these examinations and several hundredsof experiment theses is our new aftertreatment agent ®HYDROCOL HOT.

®HYDROCOL HOT is a terpolymer with a sterically optimised structure. This results in an energetically advantageous and stable condition of the polymerafter application, which guarantees high degrees of wash fastness at all temperatures and extreme stability at high washing temperatures and with regard tomultiple or repeated washing.

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