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28/2009 - 2009

For swimwear made of polyamide - with non-fading colours

An aftertreating agent for PA or PA/EL articles, which are designed for swimwear, is meant to ideally perfect the wet fastness properties inclusive of the fastness to chlorinated bath water and, simultaneously, to influence neither the shade nor the light fastness of the fabric. To meet these requirements, a synergistic combination of syntan and natural tannin when developing  ®HYDROCOL SCL proved to be the optimum.


Preparation of alkylaryl sulfphonate and natural tanning agents, anionic


Aftertreating agent for improving the wetfastness of dyeings and prints with acid or metal complex dyestuffs on PA fibres or PA/EL blends. Very good suitability for PA microfibres.


  • No impairment of the light fastness
  • Improves wash, perspiration, chlorinated water, water and sea water fastness
  • Resistant to mild washing
  • Dosable
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