Aftertreating agent for improving the wet fastness properties of acid or metal complex dyestuffs on PA-fibres or PA/WO-blends

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08/2010 - 2010

By sophisticated modifications in the manufacturing process we have succeeded in expanding our range of high-end anionic PA-aftertreating agents by another high tech product.

Better Beats Good

Based on our existing products, the following objectives have been realised when developing ®HYDROCOL SVN, due to a precisely defined polymer design:

  • Increasing wet fastness properties to highest effect levels
  • No impairment of degree of whiteness or shade
  • Maximum process safety: a) Stable pH value in a wide range | b) High shear stability
  • Dosable in all metering devices

®HYDROCOL SVN is an anionic alkylaryl sulphonate, which is used as an aftertreating agent for improving the wet fastness of dyeings and prints with acid or metal complex dyestuffs on PA-fibres or PA/WO-blends; it is extremely suitable for PA-microfibres.

Properties of ®HYDROCOL SVN

  • Can be directly mixed with formic acid (40%) in metering devices (resistance to acids)
  • Improves wash, perspiration, water and sea-water fastness
  • Improves the fastness to pleating and setting with dry heat
  • Stable to salt in concentrations common in dyeing
  • No impairment of the light fastness
  • Resistant to dry cleaning
  • Stable to hard water
  • Jet-stable
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