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26/2005 - 2005

Yellowing of indigo-dyed textiles through atmospheric pollutants such as ozone or nitrogen oxides

Environmental influences are responsible for the yellowing of indigo-dyed textiles. The irreversible destruction of the dyestuff is caused by the combined effects of ultraviolet radiation, ozone and nitrogen oxides. The interaction of ultraviolet radiation and noxious gases is also referred to as "photochemical smog".

With ®RUCOLAN IVS and ®PERRUSTOL IPS we have succeeded in developing a system which has a distinct protective effect on indigo-dyestuff and allows a flexible handle quality.

®PERRUSTOL IPS is not only a special softener for denim textiles, which has a protective effect on indigo, but can also be universally used for soft-handle finishes of fabrics and knitwear or garments of all fibre types by the exhaust method.

In addition, ®RUCOLAN IVS distinctly protects the dyestuff against the influence of ozone, nitrogen oxide and light, thus strongly retarding yellowing. It does not affect the handle so that it is possible to protect indigo-dyed garments against yellowing, independent of the soft handle.

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