Polymers & Compounds


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39/2016 - 2016

In the growing market of water-based technical coatings Rudolf GmbH has specialised in individual solutions. Compounds as well as plenty of individual products are offered according to the modular system. You will find an overview of marketable polymers and compounds here:

  • Polyvinyl acetate copolymers
    Polyvinyl acetate copolymers are used as cost-effective universal binders.
  • Polyacrylates and acrylate copolymers
    As a rule acrylates or acrylate-copolymers are used if high resistance to hydrolysis, no yellowing and wash resistance are required.
  • NBR-latex
    Coatings with NBR-latices excel in excellent resistance to washing (at the boil) and adhesion to the substrate. This is particularly true for stable foam coatings.
  • Polyurethanes
    Polyurethanes are used for high-quality coatings that are flexible at low temperatures. Our ®RUCO-COAT range distinguishes between hydrophilic and hence water-vapour-permeable polyurethanes (®RUCO-COAT EC) and rather hydrophobic polyurethanes (®RUCO-COAT PU). All polyurethanes of the ®RUCO-COAT range are aliphatic, free of formaldehyde and n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP).
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