Pre-treatment and Dyeing of Synthetic Fibres

Commitment to the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals

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08/2016 - 2016

Overview RUDOLF products

®HYDROCOL SVNPA after-treating agent, for improving the wet fastness properties of dyeings and prints with acid or metal complex dyestuffs on PA fibres or PA/WO blends
®RUCO-ACID ABS 200Buffer, for dyeing PES, PA, PAN, WO as well as for a secure adjustment of weakly acidic pH values in liquors and for neutralising cor alkali on the fabric
®RUCO-ACID NYLAcid donor, for automatic pH regulation of the dye bath when dyeing PA or WO with acid or 1:2 metal complex dyestuffs
®RUCOGAL ERQLevelling agent for dyeing PES, low-foaming agent and dyeing accelerator with strong diffusion-promoting properties for HT polyester dyeings
®RUCOGAL PAALevelling agent, for dyeing PA with acid dyestuffs, special product for levelling barriness of PA material
®RUCOGEN DECHighly effective scouring and dispersing agent, universally applicable to all fibre types. Highly alkali-resistant wetting and scouring agent
®RUCOLIN JETLubricant for pre-treatment and dyeing CO, CV, PA or PES as well as their blends
®RUCOLIN RCPTo prevent running creases and millmarks in the wet treatment of sensitive woven or knitted materials made from WO or PA. To improve the absorption and antistatic properties of synthetic textiles, especially of PA
®RUCOLIN RUNLubricant for dyeing PES and PA with smoothing and softening properties
®RUCORIT RALReducing agent, for afterclearing disperse dyeings and prints with acidic pH in a cooling dye bath or in a fresh bath, also applicable in the alkaline pH range; suitable for dark PES/WO-dyeings
®RUCO-TEX MUPhase transfer catalyst, for the accelerated hydrolytic degradation of tenacious deposits in all dyeing machines by caustic soda and reducing agents
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