Recycling of Polyethylene Terephthalate Bottles

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14/2017 - 2017

PET is a transparent, lightweight plastic with high stability and persistence. It is used for a wide area of application, such as clothing, bottles, food packaging and blister packs. PET is also used as a substrate in thin film solar cells, adhesive tapes or packaging trays. The production is petroleum-based – 1.9 kg crude oil is necessary to produce 1 kg PET. Appropriate recycling helps minimising the use of raw materials and, in addition, less energy is required to manufacture recycled material.

In 1977 the first PET bottle was recycled in the US, and nowadays bottle recycling is practiced all over the world.


An effective detergent is essential for removing soil, adhesive and labels from plastic flakes. ®RUCOGEN RPD guarantees excellent cleaning performance in alkaline conditions and is suitable for recycling plants with high turbulences.


®RUSTOL RPA is a specially formulated defoamer emulsion for all cleaning steps in PET recycling. The specially modified silicone system controls the foam in a wide temperature and pH range.


In PET recycling sink-float processes are used to separate different materials. ®RUCO-FLOC RPF supports this step by reducing the surface tension and by removing air bubbles adhering to plastic flakes. Thus, the lighter particles may rise freely to the surface.

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