Modified polysiloxanes for manufacturing highly effective softeners

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Silicones, in chemistry also called polyorganosiloxanes, are synthetic polymers and represent a transitional area between inorganic and organic chemistry.

They, therefore, exhibit a unique spectrum of properties and effects, which is unequalled by other polymer classes.

The inorganic skeleton of polymers alternates between silicium and oxygen and has organic side chains, in most cases methyl groups. Silicones can be tailor-made for special application purposes by specific modifications of the polymer, which are used in the most different branches of industry, such as electrical engineering, cosmetics, medicine, in machine construction and building protection, and, last but not least, in the textile industry.

Textile finishing today without functionalised silicones as softeners is something that cannot be imagined. As a partner of the world-wide textile industry RUDOLF GROUP has specialised in the field of functionally modified silicones and, with ®RUCO-FLUID, offers a technologically leading silicone oil range for formulating innovative silicone softeners.

As a systems supplier we offer our customers an overall package consisting of

  • constant innovation
  • highest quality and security
  • rapid customer service
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