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The FC-impregnation as two-component-system for additional flexibility in finishing

Flexibility in performance and price

Fluorocarbon resins as a rule consist of several components:

  • the fluorocarbon polymer-component (responsible for the water-, oil- and soil-repellent properties)
  • the booster-component (responsible for the high effect level, wash permanence and lower costs)

Together they result in an optimum strength of effects and permanence. ®RUCO-GUARD AFB6 CONC und ®RUCO-GUARD XCR work as a team. The interplay of the individual components develops an outstanding effect potential. To achieve this, the booster (fixing component), the fluorocarbon polymer and the fibre must react with each other.

The reaction temperatures vary in dependence of the booster.

Many fluorocarbon resins common in the market contain both components. With such all-in-one-products the whole application quantity has to be increased in order to optimize the permanence, although it is the booster who is mainly responsible for this effect. Here, the portion of the expensive fluorocarbon polymer is automatically increased by the same quantity as the booster.

By combining ®RUCO-GUARD AFB6 CONC (fluorocarbon polymer) with ®RUCO-GUARD XCR (booster component) we offer a flexible two-component-system, where the individual components can be varied in terms of quantity.

Advantages of ®RUCO-GUARD AFB CONC6 + ®RUCO-GUARD XCR at a glance

  • Excellent water-and-oil-repellent effects
  • High permanence
  • Flexible adjustment of the individual components
  • Cost saving in formulation

Fields of application of ®RUCO-GUARD AFB6 CONC + ®RUCO-GUARD XCR

  • Trouser-/jacket material
  • Table cloth
  • Military clothing/workwear
  • Awnings
  • Tarpaulins
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