Cellulases for biopolishing-treatments

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A close shave for textile stubble

Decades ago RUDOLF did pioneering work in the field of biopolishing. Committed to this tradition, the formulation of trend-setting new enzyme products and the development of optimised processes are still today the main focus in the field of cellulases. Sophisticated enzyme analytics and the most modern methods for determining the enzyme activity as well as the effect on the textile enable today products and processes that set standards. Accompanied by analytical and chemical examination laboratories specialised in textiles as well as our local technical application service make RUDOLF GROUP your partner in biopolishing.


  1. Biopolishing with the ®RUCOLASE system from RUDOLF GROUP
  2. Cellulase tables for practitioners
  3. Effects of the ®RUCOLASE biopolishing treatment
  4. The ®RUCOLASE biopolishing system
  5. Linen - the star in biopolishing treatments
  6. The RUDOLF world of enzymes in the textile industry
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