Speciality product for the dyeing of PES greige in a single bath for jet and overflow dyeing machines, for HT jigs and for beam dyeing apparatus

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  • ®RUCOLIN MPN desizes and degreases
  • ®RUCOLIN MPN convinces in jet dyeing by its low-foaming properties so that the addition of a defoamer is not necessary
  • ®RUCOLIN MPN reduces costs as prescouring is not necessary and maximum machine loading is possible
  • ®RUCOLIN MPN has been testet with good results by many customers in Germany and abroad in beam, jet, overflow and jig dyeing
  • ®RUCOLIN MPN effectively prevents the formation of agglomerates from sizes, other accompanying substances on the greige, dyestuffs and oligomers
  • ®RUCOLIN MPN ensures a level fabric appearance for the entire bath even in the case of high machine loading (e. g. 16.000 m PES lining fabric in beam dyeing apparatus)
  • ®RUCOLIN MPN improves the dispersing behaviour of disperse dyestuffs
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