No dyestuff migration from PES or CO textiles

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This is how you effectively prevent dyestuff from migrating

For a long time padding has been a processing step in textile finishing. It is used in all processing stages (pretreatment, dyeing and finishing). Continuous padding processes excel in the fact that large quantities of fabric can be treated in a short time. Unfortunately, for various reasons, there are recurring levelling problems in continuous dyeing, such as:

  • migration during drying
  • the short dwell time between fabric and liquor
  • limited liquor temperature
  • insufficient liquor pick-up

Especially in dyeing, RUDOLF offers optimum solutions, so that padding processes lead to the desired high-quality results - with the necessary process security.

®RUCOLIN NOM is an anti-migration agent for continuous dyeing, based on special acrylate polymers (anionic).


  • no affinity for the dyestuff
  • good penetration of the padding liquor
  • no sticky or soiled guide rollers
  • prevention of dyestuff migration
  • prevention of frosting
  • easily soluble
  • results in a level appearance
  • easily washed off
  • no retarding effect
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