Better finishing effects and more process security with high-performance wetting agents

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The importance of wetting agents

Those of you wishing to demonstrate the importance of wetting agents in final textile finishing do only have to ask two questions:

How much time do finishing liquors have in the dipping section (eg in the padder) until they are absorbed by the textile?

How much time do liquors have afterwards to penetrate as uniformly as possible into the textile before the drying process starts (eg at the stenter)?

The answers are often unambigious: not enough.

What has to happen on or in textiles within fractions of seconds at increasingly fast production rates requires the use of wetting agents.

For improving finishing effects and for more process security, ®RUDOLF GROUP offer 3 ®RUCOWET types, which are optimally adapted to the respective finishing effect.

The specific performance characteristics of these ®RUCOWET products are as follows:

  • Universal wetting agent: ®RUCOWET FIN CONC
  • Wetting agent for water and oil-repellent finishes: ®RUCOWET FN
  • Wetting agent for flame-retardant finishes: ®RUCOWET FRW
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