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26/2013 - 2013

Self-repairing impregnation for the soil-repellent finish of mechanically stressed surfaces

The washable sofa ...
There is no such thing as a washable sofa. It would make sense though, because soil and stains are often really “sat into“ upholstery fabric. The only possibility to remove stains is by using cleaning agents. However, ring marks and other flaws often stay behind.

does not exist, but ...
Fluorocarbon resins are used for stain repellency. However, conventional fluorocarbon resins fail on upholstery fabric. They do not resist to the mechanical abrasion created during getting up or sitting down.Their surfaces are too hard and brittle and wear off

permanent protection ...
Upholstery fabric requires special fluorocarbon polymers, because its stress differs from that of clothing material.
The RUDOLF GROUP has developed a soft, “fluid“ fluorocarbon polymer that re-closes film cracks independently and continues to ensure abrasion resistance.

by “self-repairing“
is a fluorocarbon resin with such self-healing functions. It rapidly flows back after stress to close cracks and to level out leaks. The surface re-closes; hence, the protective layer remains intact.
This “self-repairing“ function helps to maintain a closed, intact fluorine polymer film and thus the protective function  - even after prolonged intensive stress.

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