Fluorocarbon technology for flame-retardant fibres

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40/2012 - 2012

The market

The great, worldwide success of flame-retardant fibres is, amongst other things, based on the fact that there is a large selection of yarn and fabric qualities. These fibres are not only frequently used in protective clothing but also in the contract sector.

Flame-retardant fibres confer high comfort and safety to textiles and are, thus, preferred for the use in garments as well as decorative fabrics and home textiles. An additional water-, oil- and soil-repellent finish becomes increasingly important.

The function

Durably flame-retardant fibres are obtained by a co-monomer that is firmly integrated into the molecular structure or by adding flame-retardant substances to the fibre structure.

However, the effect of these flame-retardant substances is only limited to the fibre itself. Additionally applied finishing agents reduce the flame-retardant effect, since they usually are fire-supporting substances. Fluorocarbons were no exception - until ®RUCO-GUARD UCS6 was developed.

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