Water repellency and soil release for textiles

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36/2011 - 2011

Twice secured, simply brilliant

Soil repellency for textiles makes sense. But what, if the stain has dried up and, hence, is difficult to remove? For conventional stain repellents also repel wash water, which is to swell and wash off the stain. Once the stain has penetrated the protective layer of the fluorocarbon resin film, it is difficult to wash it off again.

®RUCO-GUARD USR6 behaves differently. ®RUCO-GUARD USR6 offers two protective functions with primary and secondary protection.

The first protective function prevents the penetration of soil and effectively repels oily staining substances. The second protective function improves the removability of dried-up soil.

Advantages of ®RUCO-GUARD USR6 at a glance

  • Active stain repellency
  • Soil is easily washed off
  • Handle and looks are maintained

Fields of application of ®RUCO-GUARD USR6

  • Table cloths
  • Chefs aprons
  • Napkins
  • Sportswear
  • Shirts and blouses
  • Children‘s wear
  • Cotton trousers
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