On a bed of roses: When function turns into passion...

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12/2010 - 2010

Highly jet-stable for ultra-soft hydrophilic knitwear and terry fabric

New emotional worlds

Far away from plain price-performance analysis, it is emotions, feelings and passion that seduce us when shopping.

From an analytic point of view, the level of stimulus is one of three control mechanisms, which decisively influence the human behaviour. Balance, dominance and stimulation form the limbic system of human beings that controls their thinking and finally their purchasing behaviour.

Since the development of the first cells 3.5 billion years ago, the principle of stimulation has been incorporated in the evolution. Related to today‘s consumers, the human brain decides above all by emotion. These emotional desires are expressed in the constant search for new stimuli and the active exploration of the surroundings, which thus creates permanent need for new stimulation instructions. They are, thus, the engine that creates new consumer demand, which is satisfied by new products.

Related to textiles, the aim is thus clearly defined - fulfilling consumers‘ emotional and functional needs. The use of RUCOFIN® GES NEW explores new worlds for end-users with regard to terry, bath, beach and sauna towels, bath gowns, sports shirts as well as outerwear made from knitwear. Extreme softness inclusive of hydrophilic function creates stimuli and new emotional sensations.

Test handle and function of the sample (in the brochure) finished with RUCOFIN® GES NEW, and you will experience possible effects of textile materials on the senses.

  • super soft
  • stimulating
  • breathable
  • hydrophilic
  • jet-stable
  • permanent
  • low yellowing
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