Traditional Damascus steel handicraft acts as a model for a new softener technology

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50/2011 - 2011

Quaternary macroemulsion with new IDE technology

Damascus steel - the model for a new generation of softening agents

For the RUDOLF GROUP outstanding traditional techniques are an inspiration when looking for new technical solutions for its key competences. Many cultures have developed amazing solutions that have been of global importance until today.

The origin of such developments is, for example, Damascus. In the textile field damask owes its name to this city as does the Damascus steel; this relies on an ingenious combination of materials of soft and hard steel, which guarantees high flexibility and, simultaneously, stability and sharpness. These technologies and adaptations were used and optimised by master blacksmiths in Europe and farther afield to China and Japan and have thus outlived many centuries.

Today, these technologies, which have been empirically developed over the course of the centuries, are being examined in detail by material research to be able to use them in other fields of application. Here, the Damascus technique has served as a model. It does not only rely on the use of different materials, but also on the optimised procedural combination of raw materials. Our best and most successful softener solutions, which we have combined with a new process technology, have been the origin of ®RUCOFIN GSQ 200 NEW.

The result is the Interpenetrating Dispersion/Emulsion Technology (IDE), which has been developed in the laboratories of the RUDOLF GROUP. Due to targeted “one-process“ crystallisation of high-quality active wax ingredients during the emulsification of the quaternary modified polysiloxane matrix a synergism optimises the product efficiency.

®RUCOFIN GSQ 200 NEW‘s features of efficiency are:

  • Functional hydrophilic properties
  • Volume and faster drying during production and use. Especially the drying of textiles, e.g. terry towels, requires a lot of time and energy in industrial production operations or in professional textile care and, therefore, softeners such as ®RUCOFIN GSQ 200 NEW are required.
  • Novel macro-emulsion handle variations
  • Highly process-safe in continuous applications
  • Good sewability
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