The panther finish

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21/2008 - 2008

Colour-intensifying effects + ultra-soft finishes for cellulosic or synthetic fibres

From sandwich effects to the dynamic panther-finish black

The colour impression of textiles is based on the absorption and reflection of certain wave lengths of ambient light striking. With ideal jet-black all wave-lengths are completely absorbed, no light is reflected. This is where the effects of ®RUCOFIN GWE come in due to a double mechanism:

  • The surface of textiles or individual fibres becomes considerably smoother, which leads to less light scatter. Colour brightening is restrained and the colour impression becomes more intensive.
  • The refractive index on textile surfaces is reduced by silicone polymers. With multiple phase systems (air - silicone - yarn, i.e. individual fibres/fibrils) the distance of light from entering to leaving the textile is extended. On its longer distance through the textile, light encounters more dyestuff molecules and is thus better absorbed. Textiles, as a consequence, absorb more light and thus appear significantly darker.

In nature similar mechanisms are effective, eg with the jet-black fur of panthers. The jet-black sleek fur enables optimum camouflage and success in hunting.

Thus, with ®RUCOFIN GWE you will always hit the bull‘s eye at end-users!

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