Hybrid Silicone

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18/2008 - 2008

Opposites united: Hybrid-Soft Water/Oil-Repellent Technology

Hybrid-Soft Water and Oil-Repellent Technology

Apart from excellent water and oil-repellent properties, many textile finishers wish to obtain a soft handle when finishing textiles with fluorocarbon water repellents.

However, until today it has been impossible to unite finishes with fluorocarbon water repellents and softeners, especially on cellulosic textiles. Conventional microemulsions based on silicone oil massively deteriorate the water and oil-repellent properties of fluorocarbon finishes, due to the silicones disturbing the FC side chain orientation. This reduces the effect level significantly. The high quantities of emulsifiers in silicone microemulsions at the same time have a strong rewetting effect.

Fascination Hybrid Technology

After the patented quaternary silicones, RUDOLF has developed a whole generation of new, hybrid silicone softeners.

Hybrids are the combination of different types of processes with the purpose of increasing the performance. Due to the combination, new, desired properties arise. ®RUCOFIN HSF is a hybrid silicone softener because it contains two complementing functions.

The hybrid structure combines excellent handle properties of quaternary silicones, on the one hand, and effect-stabilising emulsifier functions, on the other hand.

®RUCOFIN HSF is the perfect hybrid for combination finishes with fluorocarbon water repellents.

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