Natural softness for bio-textiles

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13/2009 - 2009

Lanolin, also known as wool fat, is natural protection for woollen clothing made of sheep’s wool against the effects of weather.

Lanolin is obtained from the process of wool refinement after clipping. Owing to its excellent trans-epidermal and water retention properties on the skin, mankind has been using wool fat for centuries for both cosmetic and medicinal applications.


Sophisticated bio-textiles

®RUCOFIN LAN contains Lanolin of cosmetic or medicinal material quality for providing a natural soft grip to ecological textiles. The excellent smoothing property of Lanolin is used for this purpose. The textile provided using this material feels soft, smooth and sleek, since the fine surface unevenness of the fibres gets cleared. At the same time, the moisturising effect of the Lanolin in ®RUCOFIN LAN optimises the natural water balance of the fibres. This is why textiles provided with ®RUCOFIN LAN are absorbent (hydrophilic) and especially breathable.

Tested and ecologically safe

®RUCOFIN LAN complies with the most stringent standards for ecological textiles. Hence, it conforms to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S.). This is why RUCOFIN LAN is highly suitable for use in bio-textiles made using different fibres, such as bio-cotton, bio-wool, bio-lyocell, bio-viscose, bio-modal, bio-linen, Ingeo etc.


  • Underwear and lingerie
  • Stockings and socks
  • Pullovers, shirts and blouses
  • Mattress covering materials and bed linen
  • Blankets, hand towels etc.
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