Quaternary silicone softeners

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42/2008 - 2008

Patented technology revolutionises hydrophilic handle properties and process stability in continuous finishing

Excellent softness and high-level process security save a lot of money and trouble

RUCOFIN® SIQ NEW, the patented polymer modified internally quaternary silicone is, after millions of running metres, the star amongst the process-stable softeners in textile finishing. Hardly any other silicone softener combines hydrophilic softness with excellent application properties and highest process security in such a way. However, what does process security mean?

Silicone stains caused by a failed soft handle finish are one of the most unpleasant damaging events in finishing. Especially after thermal treatment, which may cause crosslinking reactions, these stains are often difficult to remove by scouring or cannot be removed at all.

The reasons for such damages are varied. A completely neglected topic in this connection still is the process security of silicone softeners. On one hand, the reasons are to be found in the chemistry of silicone polymers or the physics of emulsions manufactured thereof. On the other, they are caused by disturbing influences during finishing.

Specific chemical modifications and optimised formulations of RUCOFIN® SIQ NEW enable a distinctly improved process security during finishing and, additionally, a higher effect level.

  • Economic damage due to irreparable textiles runs into millions of Euros per year. A product that solves this problem pays off. RUCOFIN® SIQ NEW is the solution!
  • RUCOFIN® SIQ NEW is stable up to pH 13, which results in a distinct increase in process security. More security with RUCOFIN® SIQ NEW!
  • RUCOFIN® SIQ NEW renders finishing liquors resistant to temperatures up to 95 °C. More stability through RUCOFIN® SIQ NEW!
  • With RUCOFIN® SIQ NEW textiles remain permanently hydrophilic even after textile care at home, eg after washing and ironing. Durable hydrophilic properties with RUCOFIN® SIQ NEW!
  • RUCOFIN® SIQ NEW has a high shear force stability, by means of which a uniform foam application is possible. More stability through RUCOFIN® SIQ NEW!
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