Untouchably soft - The new superamino silicone softeners

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39/2011 - 2011

Consumer studies show that buyers of textiles are in more than 90 percent feminine.

The stimulation of the senses is an essential key stimulus which induce women to buy. It contains decisively the handle of the textile and shows that the soft handle characteristic of a textile should be specifically adapted to this target group.

RUDOLF has created the innovative Triple-Flex-System to be able to react target group-orientated flexibly and individually for the textile producers and the textile brands. It offers the possibility to create the handle design of a textile more specifically. The handle characteristic of the textile can be adapted individually by means of interaction between the textile structure, its mechanical/finishing modification and combination of the three very different acting silicone softeners of the Triple-Flex-System – for more joy when purchasing and wearing a unique garment.

Visible softness without touching - just untouchably soft

The possibilities in the handle design which are activated by the Triple-Flex-System provide a wide range from

  • natural
  • silky soft
  • brilliant
  • wax-like
  • velvet-like
  • smooth to techno-synthetic
  • peach skin-like
  • ...

Superamino-silicone softening agent

  • Highest flexibility in the handle design
  • Optimal cost-performance ratio
  • High resistance to washing
  • Less sensitive to the pH value
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