Softness is the Soul of the Textiles

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29/2015 - 2015

The world of Silicone Softeners by RUDOLF

At first, a human being perceives an object optically. He gets an idea of visually noticeable things, such as form, colour, structure, etc.If the curiosity has been aroused by optical stimuli, it is a natural need to touch the object. Hot/cold, wet/dry are feelings that we are only able to perceive by touching. 

This is especially valid for textiles. They accompany us 24 hours a day. Hence one of their properties is particularly important:SOFTNESS

Softness is the soul of the textile, which gives us a feeling of security. ®RUCOFIN silicones confer this individual feature to your textile and, moreover, properties to meet highest requirements, such as:

  • Maintaining the hydrophilic properties of fabrics and thus better moisture transportation
  • Resilience
  • Bulkiness and thus better insulating properties
  • Lustre
  • Revitalising properties and thus better wrinkle recovery
  • Better sewability
  • Better gliding properties
  • Higher tensile strength

The product name ®RUCOFIN combines RUDOLF softeners and gliding agents based on differently modified silicone oil emulsions and their compounds with other advantageous active substances. For decades ®RUCOFIN silicone softeners have proven their excellent product properties worldwide. ®RUCOFIN silicones do not only distinguish themselves from other products in the above-mentioned primary properties, their technical secondary properties are trendsetting too:

  • Distinct emulsion stability and highest process security
  • Highly resistant to yellowing
  • High durability to laundering
  • Compatible with other textile auxiliaries
  • High active substance and thus high economic efficiency
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