A new levelling era for HT polyester dyeing: highly effective, ecological, cost-effective

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27/2016 - 2016

One small step for a man, a big step for mankind

Every polyester dyer is familiar with the classic process of disperse dyeing with the following three basic steps:

  1. Monomolecular dissolution of disperse dyestuff in the dyeing liquor
  2. Adsorption of the monomolecular-dissolved dyestuff on the fibre surface
  3. Diffusion of the dyestuff from the fibre surface into the inner fibre

There are numerous academic publications on the dyeing theory which deal with the kinetics of the dyeing process (change of place of adsorption in PES, static energy fluctuation, molar diffusion coefficient, transition state theory, etc.) as well as with thermo-dynamic processes within the three basic steps.

In the past, the symptoms of these problems with disperse dyeing were tackled by sort of taking the sledgehammer, which means by using strong dispersing agents and by more or less strong fibre swelling.

Today, we have made an evolutionary step ahead and smartly prevent the cause of these problems by using our new levelling agent ®RUCOGAL ERA.

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