Multifunctional leveller for dyeing polyamide

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19/2009 - 2009

Modern times require up-to-date textiles and innovative textile auxiliaries

Polyamide - up-to-date fibres

Multifunctional with very good properties, eg

  • High strength
  • High elasticity and abrasion resistance
  • High dimensional stability

Polyamide fibres are used eg in the following areas:

  • Hosiery
  • Underwear
  • Outdoor and sports articles
  • Swimwear
  • Technical textiles

RUDOLF has developed ®RUCOGAL PAP especially for this type of fibre, which complies with modern requirements:

  • Good wetting effects
  • Excellent levelling power
  • Excellent levelling power on materials of unequal affinity
  • Low-foaming


Preparation of fatty amine ethoxylates and polyglycols, non-ionic (cationic in acid pH range)


As a levelling agent ®RUCOGAL PAP is designed for dyeing all aminogroup-containing fibre substrates, such as polyamide, wool or silk, with 1:2 metal complex or acid dyestuffs


  • Levels differences caused by the material
  • Does not contribute to fogging
  • Easily dosable
  • No retarding effects
  • Good wetting effects
  • Good dispersing action
  • HT-resistant


®RUCOGAL PAP supports a uniform dyestuff build-up throughout the entire dyeing operation and thus ensures ideal bath exhaustion. Due to this uniform dyestuff build-up and the good levelling power of ®RUCOGAL PAP, the user has a means to adapt dyeing times and/or dyeing temperatures in an energy-efficient manner.

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