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20/2008 - 2008

For many years reactive dyestuffs have established as one of the most important dyestuff groups for dyeing cellulosic fibres. The field of application is wide, due to the fastness properties and brilliant shades

Dyeing is carried out continuously or discontinuously according to different processes. They all have one problem in common, i.e. that unevenly dyed batches can only be repaired with a great amount of time and cost. Due to the covalent bond between fibre and dyestuff, a levelling-out like with dyeings with direct dyestuffs is impossible. As a rule prior stripping is indispensible in order to repair an unlevel dyeing. Hence unlevelness should be avoided right from the beginning.

Level dyeings by dye bath conditioning due to

  • pH regulation for controlling exhaust and fixation behaviour
  • dispersing action
  • sequestration power
  • dyestuff protection
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