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43/2010 - 2010

Conserving agent against storage yellowing. Now with secure pH adjustment!


Textile yellowing is a well-known problem. The causes for it are as versatile as the appearance and the behaviour of the different types of yellowing. In the following we will exclusively concentrate on the problem of storage yellowing.

Conserving agent against storage yellowing

We have developed special conserving agents against storage yellowing:


®RUCOLAN VGA contains an optimised amount of acid for the exhaust method.

®RUCOLAN VGP contains an optimised amount of acid for pad processes.

®RUCOLAN VGA/VGP prevent phenolic yellowing during storage. It can be applied to all articles that are susceptible to yellowing.

In addition, ®RUCOLAN VGA/VGP react like colourless acid dyestuffs and block the cationic charges of fibres and auxiliaries so that the “catcher effect“ is prevented and yellow bodies cannot deposit on the fabric.

®RUCOLAN VGA/VGP are alternative co-reactors for the nitrogen oxide in the environmental air; coloured reaction products as a result of the reaction of ®RUCOLAN VGA/VGP with NOx do not arise.

Properties of ®RUCOLAN VGA/VGP

  • Prevents phenolic storage yellowing
  • Reliable adjustment of the necessary pH value
  • Hydrophilic properties
  • High wetting power
  • Does not contribute to thermal yellowing
  • No impairment of the light fastness
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