Amylases for biocatalytic starch degradation

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04/2013 - 2013

Before wovens can be finished they have to be desized. This process is the basis for smoothly implementing all further finishing steps. Apart from working out customer-specific recipes and processes, the RUDOLF GROUP is focusing on the market-oriented development of new enzyme products and product-systems.

Range of amylases

  • ®RUCOLASE HCH (Highly concentrated, high-temperature-resistant alpha-amylase, primarily for continuous or semi-continuous desizing processes
  • ®RUCOLASE CME (Optimised compound product of a high-temperature-resistant amylase with wetting/washing agent for continuous os discontinuous desizing processes
  • ®RUCOLASE NTH (Concentrated low-temperature-resistant  alpha-amylase, primarily for continuous desizing processes
  • ®RUCOLASE HCX (Concentrated low-temperature-resistant alpha-amylase, speciality product for combined acid demineralising, pH-optimum at 2 - 4
  • ®RUCOLASE JEA (Compound product for discontinuous denim desizing)
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