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23/2010 - 2010

The multi-functional dyeing auxiliary

In the textile industry, there are always unanswered questions regarding procedures, optimising process times and minimising setup times. To be able to answer them correctly and to simultaneously reduce cost, the recurring question is which products are multi-functional, easy to handle and, in addition, cost-effective.

At least this question can now be easily answered. ®RUCOLIN MDX is designed for optimising fluctuations in dyeing processes and complies with the above-mentioned requirements.


Preparation of polyacrylamide, alkane sulphonate and naphthalene sulphonate, anionic.


Multi-functional dyeing auxiliary for dyeing operations with the following properties:

  • Wetting
  • Washing
  • Inhibiting running creases
  • Dispersing
  • Levelling
  • Low-foaming

Especially in reactive dyeing, edges and angles are levelled with this speciality compound.


®RUCOLIN MDX increases process safety by enabling cost-effective dyeings with only one product, which unites the following properties:

  • Uniform wetting effects
  • Good scouring efficiency
  • Good soil suspending properties
  • Distinct dispersing effects
  • Levelling effects
  • Prevents the formation of dyestuff agglomerates
  • Controls the dyestuff fixation
  • Confers surface-smoothing effects and inner softness
  • Optimum plaiting of piece goods
  • Stabilising effects with delicate dyestuffs (eg turquoise shades)
  • Low-foaming
  • Used as dyestuff solubiliser
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis and water hardness (in usual concentrations)
  • Minimises soiling of liquor tanks and machine parts

he high performance of ®RUCOLIN MDX covers a wide field of applications. Substantive or sulphur dyeings as well as disperse dyeings on polyester gain by the effects of this multi-functional product.

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