As smooth as the finest chocolate

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10/2008 - 2008

The best side of the ecological running crease inhibitor - wherever smoothness and slip are imperative...


Probably the most popular sweet consists of numerous ingredients. Cocoa paste, sugar and cocoa butter form the basis and are intensified by flavours. To further enrich good chocolate and to make it perfect, one ingredient is essential: lecithin.


is a multitalent vegetable substance that, apart from being used in food, has established - not least because of its good lubricating properties - in the construction industry, in cosmetics and as an additive in textile auxiliaries.

The technical industry accounts for ca. 20% of the entire lecithin consumption. For several years lecithin has been successfully used as an active ingredient in running crease inhibitors.

Rape seed oil...

as a natural, biodegradable basis of our textile auxiliaries, offers, apart from defoaming, a number of possibilities to make textile processes run smoothly - in the true sense of the word.

According to a project of Fuchs Petrolub AG, of the Bergische Universität Wuppertal and the Rheinisch-westfälische Hochschule Aachen (universities), Europe‘s most important oil plant is a perfect lubricant. Due to its rapid biodegradability, lubricants based on rape seed oil are well suitable for the application in environmentally sensitive areas. Thus they are primarily used as hydraulic oil, gear oil or chain saw lubricating oil in agriculture and forestry.

Respective modifications enable the formulation of high-performance hydraulic oils from rape seed oil, which are equal in every way to conventional mineral oil products. Due to their environmentally friendly properties, bio-lubricants even offer additional advantages.

Pure nature...

Our unique combination of soya lecithin and rape seed oil makes ®RUCOLIN RSO, which is based on renewable raw materials, a high-quality and high-performance product to effectively prevent running creases in textile wet processes.

Not only the gliding and lubricating effects are increased, but the addition of soya lecithin also supports soft handle and inner softness.

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