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32/2011 - 2011

Multi-task [RUN]ning Crease Inhibitor

Multi-functional, highly effective dyeing auxiliary, especially for finishing synthetic fibre articles


Speciality product with running crease inhibiting, smoothing and dispersing properties


  • Preparation of aromatic carboxylic acid compounds, non-ionic

®RUCOLIN RUN has a real multi-task talent, its primary function as a running crease inhibitor ensures optimum plaiting during dyeing. At the same time the dye bath is stabilised by its high dispersing power, size and fibre preparations are carried away from the fibre surface, and redeposition is prevented.

®RUCOLIN RUN is extremely suitable for the automotive sector, because it does not affect the fogging values of textiles.

Apart from conferring hydrophilic properties and improving the crease and elastic recovery, another positive secondary effect in further processing and final application is the durable softening of the substrate.

Besides the fields of application described, the use as a colour-intensifying auxiliary in disperse printing is a special application.

Thus, ®RUCOLIN RUN is a dyeing auxiliary with manifold functions - a real multi-task talent amongst dyeing auxiliaries:

  • Confers durable hydrophilic properties
  • Excellent removal of residues (wax, sizes, oil, etc.)
  • High dispersing power
  • Improved elastic recovery
  • Improved crease recovery
  • Confers durable softness
  • Colour-intensifying in disperse printing on PES
  • Excellent desizing effects
  • With PES staple yarn qualities, improved running properties of the weft yarns in subsequent weaving processes
  • No deterioration of fogging values
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