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40/2015 - 2015

From „easy care“ to „wash & wear“

„No iron“ does not mean that a shirt looks as if it was „ironed“. That standard is far too high. After multiple wash cycles, small fibers keep detaching and loosening from the fabric so that the surface always has a rough appearance. This can only be smoothed out by means of an iron.

Shirts with labeling „easy care“, „easy iron“ and „low iron“ are finished by means of dry cross-linking without the use of ammonia. Improved results obtained by dry cross-linking may tempt manufacturers into labeling their shirts „no iron“, particularly because the classifications of „easy iron“, „low iron“ and „no iron“ have not yet been clearly defined.

And it goes without saying, that the other finishing processes, such as bleaching and dyeing also have an influence on the quality of the shirt, in addition to the quality of the cotton and the yarn. But the most critical factor is the type of cross-linking. It determines the „ironing intensity“ required for a shirt.

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