Solvent-based C6 fluorocarbon concentrates for formulating textile or leather care products

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Ruco 1006, 1016 and 1026 - solvent-based fluorocarbon concentrates for effective C6-based water, oil and soil repellency

With rapidly drying solvents, the application of solvent-based fluorocarbon concentrates has the general advantage that the water, oil and soil repellents orientate faster on substrates and, thus, their effects may develop more rapidly. This is highly advantageous for formulations used at ambient temperature.

Properties of Ruco 1006, 1016 and 1026

  • C6-fluorocarbon polymers based on acrylate
  • Miscible with various organic solvents
  • No temperature treatment necessary
  • Suitable for all fibre types
  • No spots, even on dark textiles or leather
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